Высокопрочная полимерная труба Anaconda
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ANACONDA™ Extra Strong Plastic Pipe

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Polyethylene Pipe GOST 18599-2001

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Permanent Connections to Put Together Reinforced Polyethylene Pipes and Steel Pipes

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OOO Tekhnologiya  Kompozitov (Limited Liability Company) was founded in 2000 in Perm.  As of the day of the business launch, our primary goal was to design a special pipe, which would eliminate shortcomings our would-be partners could face in their pipeline maintenance and operation experience.

A team of specialists in the field of composite structure design has developed a pipe subject to desired performance specifications; comprehensive tests of the pipe proved that it met the specified requirements and was reliable and environmentally friendly.

At the moment ANACONDA™ pipeline systems are widely used at plants and factories in Russia, CIS countries, and Europe. 

You can read feedback from out customers and partners on the products purchased and on their experience in use and maintenance of pipes by Tekhnologiya  Kompozitov.

Certificates and permits are available for all products; the products are patented. The Ukraine regulatory authorities carried out appropriate examinations so we can also sell our products in Ukraine.

ANACONDA™ is a registered trademark. We are concerned about protection of our technologies and developments so that our customers and partners can rely on the quality of our products.

Pipes and permanent connections by Tekhnologiya  Kompozitov were used in the construction of the following facilities:

  • Gas pipelines of gas distribution networks (working pressure up to 1.2 MPa),
  • flow lines,
  • oil-gathering mains,
  • low pressure injection system  water conduits,
  • drinking-water and wastewater utilities.