anakonda-pipe-construction.pngANACONDA™  is a flexible polyethylene high pressure monolithic pipe. The pipe is highly resistant to corrosion and hydroabrasive wear, and provides higher throughput capacity.

ANACONDA™ pipes are intended for:

  • underground oilfield pipelines transporting crude oil and refined oil, multiphase mixtures and emulsions (oil, gas, water, including  that with high H2S and CO2 content), associated gas under pressure of up to 4.0 MPa,
  • underground pipelines transporting high-mineralized oilfield water, discharge water, utility and potable water under pressure of up to 4.0 MPa,
  • underground distribution gas pipelines for natural gas under pressure of up to 1.2 MPa.

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Outer and inner layers are made of pipe grade polyethylene of 8.0 MPa (PE 80) or 10.0 MPa (PE 100) MRS (minimum required strength).

The pipes are reinforced with polyester low-shrinkage yarns of increased adhesion.

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ANACONDA™ reinforced polyethylene pipe specifications:

Load-carrying capability

Outer diameter, mm637590110125140160
Allowable tensile force, kN17202430343845
Allowable external pressure, MPa1,6
Bursting pressure, MPa, min9,5
Net weight, kg/m1,231,892,493,724,786,027,91


Mean outer diameter, mmNominal637590110125140160
Wall thickness, mmNominal7,59,010,613,014,716,519,0
Pipe ovality, mm, max1,51,61,82,22,52,83,2

ANACONDA™ is a registered trademark.

(1.56 Мб)

Certificate of ANACONDA™ trademark registration
On August 24, 2009 the trademark priority was fixed.