Oilfield pipes

  • oil flow lines
  • oil and gas gathering mains
  • injection system  low pressure water conduits
  • gas pipelines for associated gas
  • industrial pipelines.
Mining industry

  • stowing pipelines
  • mine drainage piping
  • slurry pipelines
  • water pipelines for coal and minerals hydraulicking
  • water pipelines for dredges and suction-tube dredges.
Gas pipelines

  • high pressure gas pipelines (1.2 MPa)  connecting populated areas
Industrial pipelines at chemical plants

  • pipelines to transport corrosive media: acids, alkalies,  salt solutions, oils, solvents, petroleum derivatives to which polyethylene is chemically resistant.
Food industry and Healthcare

  • mineral water pipelines
  • process pipelines for food production.
Housing and public utility sector

  • drinking-water and wastewater utilities
  • firefighting system water pipelines
  • wastewater force mains.
Sports facilities and centers

  • snow-making systems for biathlon and skiing runs

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