Assembly includes the following steps:

  • unreeling a pipe reel,
  • connection of pipes,
  • laying in a trench.

The pipes are unreeled by means of a special device, i.e. the unreeler.

Download (222.50 Кб)

Drawing (rough).

Download (52.76 Кб)

3D view of the design.

Download (32.37 Кб)

Unreeler operation. Pictures.

The unreeling speed is up to 1 km/hour. The pipe is to be unreeled at the outdoor temperature of at least 50C above zero. At lower temperatures it is recommended that the reel be heated. To unreel, a crane of at least 1 ton lifting capacity and a tow vehicle are needed.

Polyethylene pipes are put together by welding. It is specific to ANACONDA™ pipes that welding consists of two standard steps: butt welding by means of a heated device with subsequent removal of external flash and the weld reinforcement by means of an electrofusion sleeve.

Download (721.70 Кб)

Procedure of assembling and welding polyethylene pipes reinforced with synthetic yarns
There are schemes and descriptions of the main process steps. The procedure is accompanied with pictures.

The pipes are put in trenches either manually, or by means of a light-duty crane.

ANACONDA™ pipe pipeline can be bended and brought to the surface by means of elastic bending provided that the minimum radius of elastic bending for ANACONDA™ pipes is not less than it is permitted. That makes it possible to do without bent pieces.

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