ANACONDA™ pipes are butt welded and afterwards the weld is reinforced by means of an electrofusion sleeve.

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Procedure of assembling and welding polyethylene pipes reinforced with synthetic yarns
There are schemes and descriptions of the main process steps. The procedure is accompanied with pictures.

ANACONDA™ pipes are connected to steel pipelines by means of permanent connection putting together a reinforced polyethylene pipe and steel pipe. A polyethylene connecting piece of the permanent connection is welded to an ANACONDA™ pipe and a steel connecting piece is welded to a steel pipeline or to a weld neck flange.

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Test Report
Product: permanent connections to put together steel pipes and polyethylene pipes reinforced with synthetic yarns.
Periodic Tests Report on TU 2248-006-55038886-08 Examination.

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Description of permanent connections.
Extract from TU 2248-006-55038886-08.

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Fabrication of permanent connections.
A scheme of permanent connection mandreling is provided.

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