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The pipes are shipped in reels containing up to 500m of pipe or in measured pieces up to 12m long. The pieces are packed in packages up to 3 metric tons net weight each. The reels are circumferentially tied in at least 4 equally distanced places.

The pipes can be transported by all transportation vehicles in conformity with rules of carriage. Handling and transportation are performed at temperatures not lower than 200C below zero. 

Транспортировка к месту укладки  

The reels are stored in horizontal position; measured pieces are stored in stacks in compliance with storage conditions specified in TU.

See Photo Gallery: ANACONDA™ pipe transporting to the laying-in location.

Outer diameter, mm

Reel dimensions, mm

Length of pipe in a reel, m, max

Reel net weight, kg, max


Width (height)