Diameter, mm

Wall thickness

Delivery in reels, m

Delivery in pieces, m
NominalDeviation limit.
63SDR 262,50,5---up to  12 m
63SDR 213,00,5up to 300up to  12 m
63SDR 17,63,60,6up to  300up to  12 m
63SDR 13,64,70,8up to  500up to  12 m
90SDR 263,50,6---up to  12 m
90SDR 214,30,7up to  200up to  12 m
90SDR 17,65,20,8up to  200up to  12 m
90SDR 13,66,71,1up to  200up to  12 m
110SDR 264,20,7---up to  12 m
110SDR 215,30,8up to  150up to  12 m
110SDR 17,66,31,0up to  200up to  12 m
110SDR 13,68,11,3up to  200up to  12 m
125SDR 264,80,8---up to  12 m
125SDR 216,00,9---up to  12 m
125SDR 13,69,21,4---up to  12 m
140SDR 265,40,9---up to  12 m
140SDR 216,71,1---up to  12 m
140SDR 13,610,31,6---up to  12 m
160SDR 266,21,0---up to  12 m
160SDR 217,71,2---up to  12 m
160SDR 17,69,11,4---up to  12 m
160SDR 13,611,81,8---до 12 m

SDR 260,50 MPa5,0 atm
SDR 210,63 MPa6,3 atm
SDR 17,60,80 MPa8,0 atm
SDR 13,61,00 MPa10,0 atm