Высокопрочная полимерная труба Anaconda
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ANACONDA™ Extra Strong Plastic Pipe

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Polyethylene Pipe GOST 18599-2001

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Permanent Connections to Put Together Reinforced Polyethylene Pipes and Steel Pipes

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Scientific approach to ANACONDA™

The annotation to the scientific research says that the work contains the results of tests for short-term strength of the samples manufactured of polyethylene pipes reinforced with synthetic yarns. 

The core role of the design and process technology facilitation factor in the assurance of possibility to use reinforced polyethylene pipes in pipeline construction in frigid climate environment was revealed.

It was observed, that the inner manufacturing layer – binding reinforcement yarns and assuring design consistency of the outer and inner polymer layers of the polyethylene pipes reinforced with synthetic yarns (Sibgazapparat ZAO) – can be the initiator of brittle failure at temperatures below -15°С. The authors particularly stress that pipes of other design solutions (Tekhnologiya Kompozitov OOO) show only ductile failure at all climatic temperature range.

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